Reviews for "Compatible Software"


9/10 dick, bro.

deathink responds:

It would be anatomically incorrect if I gave them a Va-J-J.


Very Cool Artwork, nice gag with the thumbnail... what are those red dotted lines on the fat guy? I kind of wish my eyes didn't go below the bottom rainbow on the left. DId...did you make the fat guy shaved? Damn my keen powers of observation. Otherwise very cool. Damn meat kite thumbnail.

deathink responds:

I am just glad this picture isn't a scratch and sniff!

This is the best picture ever.

You honestly can't top something like this if you enetered that contest. No seriously in the 2-3 years on the art protal I have never seen such a beautiful painting in my life. You should look into some kind art school for this masterpiece.

That said nice work and I cant wait to see what else you got.

deathink responds:

well, i didn't win the competition, but i was the only entry to be front paged, so that says something in its self. I fucking love NEWGROUNDS :)

You got me

I did not see that coming but hey nice work


Wow, this art is fantastic. Honest to god, this is some funny shit. I literally laughed my ass off looking at this pic. The overall idea: FUCKING GENIUS. I wish I could streak through a meadow with a friend, dragging a Meat Boy kite behind me....