Reviews for "Compatible Software"

Jesus, I got tricked so bad, but it made me laugh my ass off!

Also, it offended my girlfriend, so, double stars for you, if I could. I bet if the Team Meat dudes saw this they'd lose their shit.

In all seriousness, I'm gonna steal someone else's words and say God's in the details. This must have taken DAYS. I take the same amount of time on my work and it doesn't come out this polished.


deathink responds:

This is actually one of my favorite pieces I have uploaded here.

you know.......after watching "Indy Game: The Movie" I think that this drawing is rather inaccurate. You see......based on my impression of "team meat" as portrayed in the film....they are actually morose and unhappy eunuchs.

deathink responds:

I drew this WAY before I knew anything about them...and the movies was shot at a very stressful time in there life.

lol! too much meat!!!

deathink responds:

Not enough :P

Hahaha! Has Ed and Tommy seen this yet? freaking awesome.

The dirty feet... truly God is in the details. :-D
Yet I FAIL to see the hidden, subtle message.