Reviews for "River City Rampage: Ex"

Very excellent sprite movie

Excellent use of sound effects, fast action, slick camera work. Only minor complaint is too many slow downs, but that's ok. Great to see RCR:EX for once on Newgrounds. Overall, excellent job!


yay violence

and its updated..good choice using GBA spirtes its better heh...i hope to see river city rampgae EX ep2 very soon!


I loved the movie so much that I bought river city ransom Ex.
please make more!

LoveYouChunk responds:

Wow, I'm glad to be of service. :-)
Save up an extra 30 bucks, there's a new double dragon out there for GBA that is also a really good game, begging for a Flash submission in it's honor. That is my next project after River City Rampage EX: Episode 2. Thanks for the props!

I love RCR

Dude thats the coolest video i have ever seen for River City Ransom
I watched it 10 times
I would love to have this video


That was sooo GOOOOD!! I loved watching it! PLease please pleeeease (i'm begging) make more OMG!! Why isnt this HIGHER than a 2?? The animation was hella smooth, you gotta make sum more MOVIES!