Reviews for "River City Rampage: Ex"

Pretty kickass.

I loved the newly done sprites of the RCR characters and it was a good and funny sprite fight and it went well with the music too,only thing was it seemed a little short and had kind of a bad ending to it but other then that i loved it. =)


SWEET, man you know how to keep it real. RCR is da bomb and that flash pwned. I can't think of anything else to say but this is my #1 favorite flash.

Excellent m8

Finally some1 makes a flash movie(even if it was short) out of RCR EX. Everywhere i only see the ol classic made RCR in 8 bit graphics. But u my friend, of many has finally decided 2 use the GBA-made game into a flash, n im giving a big holla at u 4 that :D RCR EX is so kool n intense 2 play man, n FINALLY, heres something from that game. I love the classic as well, but ive always wanted 2 see the new recreated game be worked out in flash cus of the new moves n techniques there, even when other RCR fans doesnt appreciate the GBA-made game, cus of the termination of the 2player option n stuff. But, it isnt that bad is it?

I really hope that u'll keep up wit that work n hopefully, make mo RCR EX flash! I want 2 c mo of the game being put on flash :D Keep it up!


I was wondering when they were going to make a GBA version of it... anyhoo,it looked alittle bit grainy, good though.

*Ahem* You have been deemed worthy...

... Of the "Best Sprite Movie of the Year Award"! I know it's a little late, but... That was awesome! River City Ransom is the best game ever, and you made a REAAALLLY good flash for it. Everything was so smooth, there was no frame-by-frame that I could see, I don't know HOW you did it. Congratulations, bring out the grand prize: Cookies, Milk, and of course... Tom Fulp's left shoe!* Enjoy your prizes, you lucky guy you!

*Tom Fulp's left shoe is comepletely %100 fake, and Heizncorp will not be held responsible for any injury attained while with the shoe.