Reviews for "River City Rampage: Ex"

Very awesome

I just wish it wasnt so short!

EXstra awesome

I find only thing that's wrong about this one is that it's too short. If you could do another one with both Alex and Ryan that would be incredible.

A lil' question !

Down the page : There are no other submissions by this author.

Why, simply why ? that's magnificient work you did out there, why don't you make some more flashes ? You could use the same theme as River City Ransom seems to be one you liked, or try a different approach, anything, I don't know ?

I sincerly hope you'll show us some more of your talents !

Peace ! XD

great but...

need blood and too short!!! BUT, it is great


great job! The only thing i would've liked to see was some blood. Overall, great animation with great style. Keep it up!