Reviews for "River City Rampage: Ex"


This kicked ass!
So much that I'm about to go a warehouse and kick the
hell out of anyone I see :)...and who says violence is bad.

I loved this..

To dogshot, there's no blood in RCR. If you
want your precious blood, go to the damn blood
bank. I gave the sound an eight, because I heard
some clicking noises at some points.. Other than
that, great job! The fighting was beautiful, and the
music (As well as the sprites) was true to the game.
10/10! --Evil_Spirit, June 30th, 2006


T2xx You tha man, you realy are, i'm glad seeing my name:P, in another Review of ya, and yea, this movie, is one of the Best sprited movie there are on NG,
and this guy is also A Sprite master, i respect all those who like to work with Sprites,

T2xx why arent you trying to start Flash?


I didn't know someone had made a sprite animation of the new RCR, the sprites look a bit bad though, you might want to fix them somehow. The animation is done really well, nice work.

Pretty good

Pretty good, definitely better than 99% perfect of all other sprite based movies I have ever seen. However, the movie was short and lacked any sort of character to draw me in. The best of sprite based movies give some sort of very flimsy plot or introduction before getting into the nitty gritty, like VG Director's Cut Battle of the Mushroom Kingdom, which had all the battling but also a storyline to get me into it. I'm not saying you need an epic, but try to give me something to cling onto before you get right into the battling. Madness Combat and Xiao Xiao are probably the only movies that have ever succeeded in doing that, and that's only because of their incredible combat, and even Madness ended up adding in story. With sprites a story is a neccesity. But I'll stop talking now. Overall, great work. Just a little short of length and story.