Reviews for "River City Rampage: Ex"

Short but sweet

You have some great sprite work there, the only thing I dislike is how short it was. You can to great things with flash and sprites. Keep up the good work. -PROTECT-

wow,thats freakin awesome!

here's a real sprite movie,nothing but action from start to finish and your sprites are well drawn along with the movements,escellent work!

Not bad.

Come on man! Are you stupid or something. You needs some blood flying everywhere, or like a man bleeding from his eyes and mouth... that sort of thing.

3 material.


the absolute best sprite movie on newgrounds and i wouldnt be surrprised if it made the front page!!


BEst sprite film i've ever seen... ever. including movies on games... even thsoe new things for gba where they're tv shows. neway nice!