Reviews for "_-=[Corrupting Ruin]=-_"

classic rock or hip hop??

AWSOME SONG,but... it sounds kinda lie hip-hop at times.



Eh... could be worked on.

Its good, like with the story but you needed to raise the string section the rest of the orchestra(?) seems to be overpowering it.... But the rest is fine there was just a few mixing errors that could be worked on.


I love how it just gets really epic around 2:15. You're one of the best artists on Newgrounds!

Hmm wonder where you got the idea for the musicbox

Just kidding... Love the opening and ending melodies man, they really stand out in this track and the part beginning at 2:12 is cool too actually the whole thing is cool... But I have to say my favorite part was really, the simple music box melody. Great work as usual man.