Reviews for "_-=[Corrupting Ruin]=-_"

Will You Ever Cease to Impress me?

Once again, It is your biggest fan. You achieved what many have strived for, yet they were brought down. This song before me today, Is Fav'ed Bitches! Good work Rage, I Shall always be your biggest fan!

MaestroRage responds:

glad you liked it Uber-soldier! Thanks for the words and review :]


Bravo Mr. MaestroRage! ;D
You have made another beautiful track with an creative story! :)
You never fail to disappoint me! And you only made it for 2 days. Incredible!
Artists like you make me happy and inspire me to work harder on my music.
intro is interesting, sounds very nice and peaceful. I love how you made the song sounds so adventrous! I can hear this in an RPG! My favorite part was at 2:12 were the girl being corrupted by agressive pushes!
Beautiful work, man. Just beautiful.
Keep up the good work and never quit making music. Keep doing your job. You will really become famous one day :)
5/5 10/10
Grade: A

MaestroRage responds:

I finished it at 7am last nigh... morning :D! The story isn't mine to be honest, that is my friend's. Using his story I wrote him this song.

I'm glad you find inspiration in these, keep at it, you can only improve with time!

Also 2:12 is my favorite part also! I loves epix stuffs ^_________^

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you liked it!