Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

ha ha that quote was great

I like this one. Reminds me of the general feeling of the song used in the that hedgehog throwing game without being too close to it. The production is really nice and I don't have any criticisms...I guess I can hear what you mean about the sound being somewhat comparably "muffled" in a sense when directly switching from the "Song Without Words" one that I just did...but I have a pretty good idea why that might be so I'll email you about it.

Evil-Dog responds:

For sure you have way better equipment than me :) I'm a punk rocker, I shouldn't care about it :P haha

another awesome song

the first time i heard switch vs evildog round 1 i said.. fuck i want to play guitar!

and every new song fill me with something that make me keep it up =)

now im playing for 1 year =P

btw awesome song, downloading.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome, do keep it up!
glad to have inspired you :)

d(^_^)b [thumbs up man!]

awwwsomme song man! this is soo great :]
the ending quote totally reminds me of this one song by the used...
but its not the same so, no worries. :]]

anyways good job!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks for the review dude :)


you never cease to amaze me Evil-Dog. I love how in some of your works you add voices.

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe yeah quotes are cool sometimes :)

holy f*** that scare me

it 12:25am and i shit myself and the music is awesome

Evil-Dog responds:

haha clean that up will you!