Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

So damn great!

How do you even come up with these riffs?
man absolutely awesome, one of my favourites
keep up that badass punk coming eh ?!

Evil-Dog responds:

dunno I just play around :) This song is inspired by a song from my band that I pitched down a lot to be slow and it sounded like bad religion so I tried to do a slow song, I failed but this song came out :)

Brilliant Punk stuff

this is one of my fav. songs along with asshole. Rock on.

Evil-Dog responds:

nice dude! :)


totally awsome dude you rock

Evil-Dog responds:

Gracias buddy

NICE song man

love this song and love most of your songs. and i love quotes in songs too hee hee keep up the good work.

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha cool man

d(^_^)b [thumbs up man!]

awwwsomme song man! this is soo great :]
the ending quote totally reminds me of this one song by the used...
but its not the same so, no worries. :]]

anyways good job!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks for the review dude :)