Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"


This is just one of those songs that are so good you immediately realize they are top-five bound, and so I would like to wish the song well on it's way. This is some top quality stuff, no one does it better. But you've heard all this before, you know how good you are. I'd say "keep it up", but I and your other fans know you will because you are you. Good luck!
P.S. That bit between 1:05 and 1:20 could totally fit right into a Tarintino movie. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

It's from Pulp Fiction....from Tarantino haha
Thanks for the nice comment, I will keep it up :)


Great song man. 5 out of 5 all the way.

Evil-Dog responds:

Niiiice :) thanks


no its made of PURE EVIL-dog. :P

love ya pookie head :3


Evil-Dog responds:

haha that's PERFECT!