Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"


How come all of your songs have like average review scores of like 9.9 when they only have 3.7 stars!? And do you really know PX9?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I know him, and I don't know...zero voters I guess :)

It's all about the HEAD RUSH!!!

Mental adrenaline, w/ a break in middle of the song for just a short recovery, the getting back into an intense rush of guitar, bass?, and serious drummin'.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice :D Head Rush!

SWEET!! (agony:P)

man, you are the BEST!!
like the idea of putting quotes in your songs, and specially liked "bad new for peace"!
this thing is Real Uber Neat Epic Super Cool Awesome Pwnage... Epic.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude :D I do love quotes, it hads personnaly to lyricless pieces :)


The blotty is said with an English accent, like bloody FREAKING AWESOME. I think it needs an intro instead of it just hitting you in the face, but what do i know...and no, the fast beat songs are BEST

Evil-Dog responds:

I think it's a good start haha
thanks for the comment


Yay! This is like, the best song E.V.E.R

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks