Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

Oh My....

The rock levels are excelling the limits. I can't stop em captin'
hahahaha, oh jeez its very great btw I like it... many others do by the looks of it. Okay soo uhh yeah good luck and stuff. maybe, yeah.


Evil-Dog responds:

Haha awesome!

What I Picture

I picture a person walking in the middle of the road, in the opposite direction with a Machine gun on one shoulder, a rocket laucher on the other and he is riding a skateboard.

Don't know why I thought about this though.

Evil-Dog responds:

Cause you're a crazy person of course :P


Dude!! That is a really kickass song!

Evil-Dog responds:


Punk-O-matic-lol! ;D

Just kidding man. Truly punk as it is. Personally I think that the drums could have been a bit more present in the mix. The rhythm guitars are kind of too overpowering...and the bass...Ah, finally can hear it in the "special part". Other than that, it kinda drowns. Suggestion. Lower the rhythm layers so that everything is audible. As for the pulp fiction quote...doesn't fit at all in there but w/e.

Overall, sweet and fast punk song. 5up! Stupid clone! ;P

Evil-Dog responds:

I agree about the mix. But I don't agree about the quote, fits perfectly haha

I liked it Evil! ;)

Really nice work Evil ;)
It was totally awesome, and just for you... I'll put it on my Ipod, haha.

Evil-Dog responds:

So kind of you :)