Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"


This is a great song and you are a great musician! I love literally all of your work. Great job on another great song!

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice :) Glad you like my stuff!


the bes from you for now hope u ans SWiTCH make anotherSWiTCH vs evil-dog song

Evil-Dog responds:


Yo dog, dat shit was mad crazy!

I luv da way u made the bass solo allthough it wuz so short and somethin' tells me this may have been made with punk o matic 2 yo. tell me if i'm wrong homie and i'll stop talkin' thug to ya. Respect, homie.

Evil-Dog responds:

dude, thinking I make music with punkomatic is insulting. Do you really think I make music with the game that I made? I make the game with my music, not the other way around :|


The best part is the bass riff! Too bad it's so short lived. :P

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha yeah, the best things don't last very long :D

Yarrrr dude

What could I expect from one of the mods elite musicians of Newgrounds? Woofer-blasting-ass-kickin-beer-drink ing-awesome song! Probably one of your best I dare say!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yardeehar! I'm not a mod though if that's what you're implying.
Glad you liked the song! :)