Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"


now while you're here! Awesome!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe just doing my best!

Some say punk is dying...

But punk on newgrounds isn't! You're a testament to that, and I do love this song. Nice pacing, guitars, bass; Nice everything! Btw, I loved the Pulp Fiction quote. That actually made me smile

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome, just trying to keep it alive :)

The Bass Is Freakin' AWESOME

I might actually demand a tab from you for it! An all around awesome song that had one of the best lines in Pulp Fiction in it, plus an awesome bass. What could make it any better?

Evil-Dog responds:

Vocals hehe
Thanks and I could give you the bass tabs not the whole tabs hehe

Dude! The jam's the cool!

Man, you're the best in music! You could make more demos for Punk-O-Matic 2 with that. Love it, especially where I heard the voice.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks but this song has nothing to do with POM2


Evil dog, your awesome, loving your music, especially this track, your a great musician. keep up the work.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks a lot :)