Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

another awesome song

the first time i heard switch vs evildog round 1 i said.. fuck i want to play guitar!

and every new song fill me with something that make me keep it up =)

now im playing for 1 year =P

btw awesome song, downloading.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome, do keep it up!
glad to have inspired you :)

so ausome!!!!!!

i still cant tell how good your songs are

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thanks!

really awesome

It's really cool when I see that You've made a new song becuase now all these pussies are trying to re-define punk with their crappy chords with barely any rhythm to it at all. But your songs are better. Your songs never get repetitive like most songs on newgrounds.

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha well you know, some people like the simpler stuff that I tend to call "crap" as well. I try to make more of the "punch you right in the face" kinda stuff :)
Or at least trying to be a bit original in my chords, melodies and structures. I know my music is still pretty "blocky" and sometimes repetitive, gotta work on that.
There's definitly some good talents on NG other than me though, check em out!

Punk rules!

This is FalseHope from the POM website, your song totally rocks. I'm considering whether should I learn the guitar...

Evil-Dog responds:

You definitly should!

Great tune!

Just loved it! The bass, the guitar, everything sounds great in this song!! And the quote from my all time favorite movie makes it an audiorgasm, plain and simple! 5/5 10/10

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice, thanks for the scores :D