Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Sweet Agony"

Great work.

1:05 to 1:20 alone make this fucking awsome. Great woke man, 5 out of fucking 5.

Keep up the amazing work.

Evil-Dog responds:

bass is cool :D I should put more in my songs

just WOW

You rock dude!
just AMAZING!!1000/100

Evil-Dog responds:

100/10 then haha ok I'm dumb
thanks for the review!


you are great making songs

the drums are by the pc?

This is one of your best songs :D

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I make the drums on the computer with my own samples


Keepin the legacy of punk rock is not hard for you.

This is some crazy shit happening right here. Go to mtv, they cant put you down!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Keeping the legacy of Punk rock includes NOT going to MTV haha
Cheers man

Absolutely Awsome Mahn!

this one of the best things i have heard from you mahn, i'm a massive fan of all of your stuff, you are my No.1 inspiration, just a pure icon.

Just keep chucking out the good shit and i'll be sure to listen mahn, just awsome! Rock On!

Evil-Dog responds:

Wow thanks, great words! I appreciate!
I'll keep on rocking!