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Reviews for "Muay Thai V. 3.0"

Really Great

From all you lazy bums to play against Ryu type in RYUROMFUTURE.

Great Game....

Cant wait till the 2nd comes out:D


Tight work ,what a bad ass game... A MUST PLAY... cant wait for the next KEEP IT UP


i dunno about the sound..i turned off my speakers..lmao. im guessing you like street fighter huh...who doesnt. i thought this game was very good, you should have made the enemies harder, and there was a ..tiredness factor..if you blocked too much, then the enemy would have free shots on you for like...3 seconds. but that was good, keep up the good work.

great game

This game is the best i ever played. It is fun and has great music. Also being able to play as ryu is awsome. He is my favorite person in streetfighter. The only glitch I found was when playing as ryu, after i killed akume, or whatever, as he was disappearing i could keep kicking him and he will scream again and start to disappear again. Keep doing it as many times as you want.