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Reviews for "Muay Thai V. 3.0"


Whoa I beat it! Nicely done work make a second one w/ harder bosses but other than that GREAT!!

The best flash game there is !

This game kicked ass for the max ! Attack animations rock! Music fits to the levels except for the "Hit me if you can" level. Holding an enemy in the air with 3 combos (0.0), nicely made enemies.
I want MORE!

good job

i was into the game. then you cought me offguard when the guy said dont hurt me im gay. great game

awwwwwwwesome this game is cool

make more

You need to make more!

I find myself coming back and playing this over and over, I've even come home in the afternoon and the first thing on my mind is Muay Thai. You need to do more man I'm addicted.