Reviews for "Harry Potter Chatroom"

@DeathJohnson I'm glad I wasn't the only one to pick it up. Great unique animation!

Chaos Theory

Is that whole Chaos Theory thing a reference to Jurassic Park?


How is ginny the same age as ron? Isn't she 14?


This is a GREAT flash i sorta disagree w. the guy under because i think that it's very VERY difficult to stay close to the actual characters yet make it as funny as this. This is just perfect so 10********** 5/5 favorited

Pretty funny

I'm not sure why, but i've always gotten a kick outta this, and part two. Makes me laugh a little every time.But i'm only going with 7/10. Even though i know it was just a joke, you weren't in character enough. Like I feel like things could have been done to make it a Little realistic. still turned out nice though. Not a bad flash at all.