Reviews for "Harry Potter Chatroom"


Fantastic! It was awesome, it was relatable, and it was hilarious! I loved it half to death! I don't think I've ever been able to laugh so much at the Harry Potter characters. You lose ONE point, though, for Lindsay Lohan reference. DEATH to Lohan! POWER to Bonnie Wright, who is definitely not too young to be cybering. Priorities, people.

Lol!! make some more!!!

its soooo funny!!! do some more but with other movies like pirates of the caribbean! Cuz i love johnny depp!!


Smart, smart full of humor and neat typical ending of the guys just leaving... typing speed timing perfect, Hermione funny Chaos theory... and those user-names DO fit ^_^


Epic win on your part. Great concept and great job! I loved how they acted just like real muggle chat-room goers.

Fk'n hilarious!

I love it!

Soooooo funny!
Great work!