Reviews for "Harry Potter Chatroom"

I loved it!

I love the profiles,Harry's and Voldemort's profiles were hilarious!

I would highly suggest background music.

While I didn't mind the fact that it was long, the little "bdle de dit" noise got real old real fast. I would suggest at least putting background music.
I don't use MSN but if they allow different types of text and text colors for people I would suggest that. As well as text size. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

Anyways, I thought the situation was funny. I'm going straight to the second one.
Hope to see big improvements from this one to that one.


it was good it went a bit long tho

This Rocks!!

This is soooo funny!I luv it!And im a huge HP fan....so u get 2 extra points...then u lose a point for lohan.....then u gain a point for the cybering part....lolz... (Rose555100 left the chat room) Ding!

funny video keep making

haha to funny keep on making them i thought it was funny as heck so did my brother so keep doing a good job with these