Reviews for "Harry Potter Chatroom"


the only thing was that you should have had a "scene selection" option at the beginning.


it was really good and hilarious with like ron saying he didnt know what lol means and stuff but there were all these odd parts with cybering.....and it was, as i said already, odd, very odd.

Online Chatting In Harry's World!

This flash was off the wall funny! I like how you included basically all the main characters and how their attitudes really reminded me of how they were in the books.

The profiles were amazing. And I wouldn't worry too much about using Lindsay Lohan as Ginny because when I was reading the books, everytime Ginny kissed Harry or acted spontaneous, I always thought of Lindsay Lohan. Harry's profile is hilarious. I like how he drew his own picture (yay for stick figures!). And Lord Voldemort's profile was funny considering how he superimposed his head on Chingy's body. And their usernames all suggested who they were straight from the get-go. Awesome!

I do have one slight complaint, however. As some people mentioned before, I think that if you used different texts and different colors, then it would have made it seem more realistic because everyone has their own favorite way of typing. You used various and unique ways for their usernames, so maybe you could spice up the text. Other than that, this is one of my favorite Harry Potter spoofs and I am definitely adding it to my favorites and I am going straight to part 2!

Favorite Line(s): ((When they all realize who everyone is...))
REdHOTFirEprinceSs(Ginny) "ron?!"
~\tHeKiNg/~(Ron) "ginny?"
SilverSnake(Draco) "potter?"
~\tHeKiNg/~(Ron) "malfoy?!"
SilverSnake(Draco) "weasley?"
theboywholived!!!(Harry) "harry!"
SilverSnake(Draco) "thats pretty pathetic if the only name you can call out is your own potter"

dno wath to say ..

not bad in fact, but not good tho.


That was a lot better then i thought it be. bravo? :D