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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"


All my 5 points belongs to this! :P


I myself am a big fan from Naruto, but I'm from Brazil and Naruto hasn't started here on Brazil, so I get a DVD that the friend of my brothrer has with 12 or 13 japanese legended to portugese episodes in each DVD.
Well, very nice you have fone very well the crying part and the twisting pictures part, very nice job, I'll see if the anime you're working is good

Very well done..

That was so close to the series, damn your lip syncing was so very good and the way you switched it with your own characters(who are very cool by the way) but still made it look on par with the actual outro. Incredible work. Sayonara

It was pretty good.

It was really well done and very fluid and I liked the song, but I'm a bit picky and I didn't like how some of the characters looked. But otherwise Great job!


For a naruto flash, you'd get very few stars, but I'm going on the actual quality of the flash. This was very good, I'm impressed by the quality of the characters and the flash as a whole. You managed to emulate the original credits very well! I will take one star off because this was in the Naruto section, but it still gets you 9 stars ^_^