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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"


Well, nice work. Nothing special, but you choose good music and added some not bad graphic.

not bad

I dont speek japanese or chinese or whatever language they were speakin so I couldn't really get into the flash and I also dont like anime or manga or whatever its called so I am going to review purely on the graphics ect. The graphics were actually pretty solid the characters moved somewhat good they did at some time skip to another place on the screen like at the end when something weird was coming out of their head. The characters didn't look like chicks no offense they looked like little kids but I didn't know what you were going for. It wasn't a bad flash graphically.

OVerall: Not Bad 6

Nice drawings

The music video sucked but I really liked the drawings. ^^


i liked it but i didnt love it . the characters probly need work but i cant wait to see you manga

Good, but...

There's something that's needed to be said... this is the Naruto section, so due to the fact that your manga characters are dominant over the outro, I'm lowering your score by 2 point.