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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"


I love that song! I love anime! I love manga!..............................uh oh................I think,i think..........Oh my!
I love you tooooooooooooooooooo!

very well done

this was very well done, and deserves to be on the top fifty flash animations
it looks almost identical to the actual ending, but is done without using anything from the actual thing, exept the song
very nice

my girlfriend's name is ino spelled backwards true

i like everything except the two dancers theyre not moving naturally are they? i gotta see the manga and where do you get the music?

Umm.. Duhhh..

Do to the fact that I'm a retarded fanboy who saw Naruto's face on the side of my browser, but then he wasn't in your flash, your score goes does. No, wait, I'm not an idiot. I think I'll give it a full score, due to it being a perfect remake of a Naruto ending and your character designs being cool. Not to mention the awesome use of flash. Keep up the great submissions.

Luv it ^__^

This is one of my favorite videos. This is my favorite ending so far, too. Gr8 job!