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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"


What on earth has that got to do with Naruto? Do you even know which catagoy you entered it in. (excuse my spellin)

It was pretty good.

It was really well done and very fluid and I liked the song, but I'm a bit picky and I didn't like how some of the characters looked. But otherwise Great job!

Hate the song.

I just dont like that song, Wind was so much better...

this is gay

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w00t. my brain am t3h emo

Graphics:the manga in he background is about all I liked, otherwise,wtf
Style:5 cuz of the song
Sound:the song made me think of San in Princess Mononoke cuz she pwns(Die Ashitaka!)
Humor:........i laughed at...myself, for...not Googling the song........
Overall:ive seen better.