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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"


i liked it but i didnt love it . the characters probly need work but i cant wait to see you manga

Back....forth.....back.....for th....back.....fort

this was good...but wat dose it have to do with naruto? But I didnt see all of it. It was to weard


nice work, good graphics and all. can wait to watch some of your other stuff msg me when you post something new=)

Okay then

I fail to see how this is naruto excpet for what you stated. But unlike the others i'm not going to be like 'THIS IS DOG CRAP, L0lZ'
The graphics were okay, the sound ehhhh and it's not something i'd like to add to my favorites. Keep up the work though.


holy crap i hated it! i watched it for 10 seconds and turned it off!