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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"

Umm.. Duhhh..

Do to the fact that I'm a retarded fanboy who saw Naruto's face on the side of my browser, but then he wasn't in your flash, your score goes does. No, wait, I'm not an idiot. I think I'll give it a full score, due to it being a perfect remake of a Naruto ending and your character designs being cool. Not to mention the awesome use of flash. Keep up the great submissions.


For a naruto flash, you'd get very few stars, but I'm going on the actual quality of the flash. This was very good, I'm impressed by the quality of the characters and the flash as a whole. You managed to emulate the original credits very well! I will take one star off because this was in the Naruto section, but it still gets you 9 stars ^_^

Good, but...

There's something that's needed to be said... this is the Naruto section, so due to the fact that your manga characters are dominant over the outro, I'm lowering your score by 2 point.

its alright but....

the only thing naruto lated was the music and replaced characters

Good movie.

The movie was alright.

I took a point off because it looked more like a Hawaiian flash than a Japanese flash.

Good movie nonetheless