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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"

i don't say this very often but wtf?!

i didnt understand this submission what was it about even

I hated it........No im just kidding

Im a totally big fan of Naruto and to say this is a very smooth sweet flash. Its very cool and it is exactly like the ending(curretnly im on episode 27 or something) still im adding this to my fave submission. Make more Please!

HAHA Great

I'm a big Naruto fan and this was exactly like Harmonia (apart from the characters of course)
Good one


Totally awesome, when I saw it the first time I didn't get it, but I just saw the real thing on Naruto and it's almost a perfect replica! Top Knotch Chris! I'm with you all the way.
P.S. Itachi_Uchiha, before you go critcizing other people's work, know what you're talking about! Honestly! Knowing the lyrics wouldn't have helped at all, this was an imitation of the 2nd Naruto ending, and a great one at that. He knew exactly what he was talking about, I think you need to think your reviews through!


~?!?!?!? WTF!?

This had nothing to do with the song at all. Do you even know what the lyrics are?

I think you need to think your projects through bud.