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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"

preety good but they look ugly

when they do the side 2 side thin its pointy and when they cry it looks like they drank 2 much pepto dismo and the pictures when they fall in spin omfg its so stupid becuase they re poor or should i say poopy drawings very poor it looks like the maker of the drawings pulled the drawin outta their ass.


You really have an eye for detail, except for maybe a few minor details, you almost re-created the outro (except for, of course, the characters). Just that deserves recognition ^^


Okay , I personally dont like the song Harmonia (because its annoying). So i gave ya a five for sound. The humor was in check. Also This Flash is nearly PERFECT. It only had one truw flaw. Which was that the part where they are dancing was a little bit faster than the original. Heh I know its like "WHO THE FLIP GIVES A SHIT?!" Well i dont just telling you. Ok and thats basically all i have to say. Oh yeah and.. WHY WOULD YOU DRAW SHONEN AI IF YOUR A GUY!?!?!?!?!? Ok... Good Luck and cya...

Friggin' great!

Thank God you didn't butcher it!! The adaptation is beautiful, the character animation is really good and using you original art rather then the copyrighted images is creative. I haven't seen the Harmonia ending in so long and your video revived it for me. That's about as awesome as 100,000 hot dogs.


I myself am a big fan from Naruto, but I'm from Brazil and Naruto hasn't started here on Brazil, so I get a DVD that the friend of my brothrer has with 12 or 13 japanese legended to portugese episodes in each DVD.
Well, very nice you have fone very well the crying part and the twisting pictures part, very nice job, I'll see if the anime you're working is good