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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"

i did't like it...

i loved it it was great god bless u so much oh might naruto fan leader!!

Harmonia, a beautiful tune, great work

I loved that ending to the show and you did a fairly good job of revamping it! Just for constructive criticism there is a small part where their arms move kinda robotically and are a little faster than the beat of the song.

But Great Job on redoing it with your own characters!!!

(9 rating)

my girlfriend's name is ino spelled backwards true

i like everything except the two dancers theyre not moving naturally are they? i gotta see the manga and where do you get the music?

Very well done..

That was so close to the series, damn your lip syncing was so very good and the way you switched it with your own characters(who are very cool by the way) but still made it look on par with the actual outro. Incredible work. Sayonara


right....I totaly understand this....yep....totaly.....besides the fact of the whole thing in understood quite well.....un huh....yep...
No ! seriously this was pretty it has nothing to doo with naruto thaught anlso why are these two lesbiend girls singing some stupid song while pictures flash beye ,huh. ok listen if you wnt to be good at least put more sense into your movies.
and then they start to cry for no reason ,oh wait no ! maybe its because I just jamed a hunting knife into the pc because I was that confused! seriously I need more sense but it was good now I shal continue with my rant:
I mean dear lord could this have been eny more wierd I mean realy if this goes on like this I will go to your bed room at night and kill you in your sleep im not try'ing to be mean but this sucked so much I could no decide on eny thing else but to vote 0 out of 5!