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Reviews for "Naruto: Harmonia -Redone!"

Nee Kekomekasuka!! Cool

All I can say is...

Arigato Gosaimatsu.. I can't believe it...

Now it's time to do HARUTA KATANA...or FIGHTING DREAMERS :)




Who could have thought it could be done? I'm giving you a perfect ten on this one. You deserve it. The shadow effect must have been annoyingly frustrating to synch up. Nice job. My AIM is DieHardXG2 if you ever want to discuss animation techniques. Everything was perfect. Based on the lip-synch, I would say that you first copied and decompiled the original AVI file of the ending, and then you traced over it with your own characters and made your own custom backgrounds. From that point, it was a simple matter of tracing the mouth components. If I am correct, please tell me. Again, nice work. I am a rare fan of Naruto. Funny... The main character is named after the best piece of the ramen... AND HE LIKES RAMEN! OMG! The Americans mangled it, though... Anyway, I'm glad to see that someone appreciates the good Naruto. The imported Naruto. The Naruto before the evil American "Believe It + OMG CENSOR!!!1oneone!" society. They edit out the blood and everything, which really sucks. Anyway, I think I'm getting a bit off topic. My AIM and YIM are DieHardXG2. If you want my MSN, just email me at diehardxg2@yahoo. com for anything. Anyway, nice flash. Best fan-make I've seen in SWF format... Ever...

so peaceful,

you also didnt just coppy the ending for naruto but you put your own characters in it, the lip-sync was incredible and you get a 5/5.
at least you made your own changes ^^ (love that song so much)

almost best perfect flash

i loved it cause sarmonia is like my favorite song

that was sooo kool!!

the way u animated it!! the lip were with the song perfectly!! ur really really good!!!