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Reviews for "Oh Mai!!!"

Just right

It's not spectaculair, but other than that very well done. It's just right. I can't put my finger on it but the the arcade machine (rest in peace SNK) looks like it doesn't belong in the same picture. Did you use another drawing style for it? I do love the simple use of shadowing btw!


My friend, this is very nice work, but there is this problem people have been mentioning with the hands. However, they just say "something" is wrong, but I have spotted what's bothering.

I went through all the trouble of making a Newgrounds account so I could share my insight, not to mock you, but rather so you may have feedback and not make the same mistake again:

While both elbows are located at the same distance, the right arm is visibly longer than the left. It's hardly visible, in fact I did not even notice it on my first view of your drawing. It's only when I read of it in the comments that I went back for a closer inspection and spotted it.

Hope this helps
-- Pat.


who cares about her face, her hands o shadows? nice ass man! well done! people that scored this under 10 are gay XD

I wouldn't hit that..

She has AIDS.

oh mai gawd

Niice work and I wonder what happens if you win.. I wonder if you get any free play ;)