Reviews for "On The Run"

this actually sounds more like a car in trafic....

.....in a good way

crunk foshizal and lazars!

The drums were the weakness

It was very good overall but the drums were way too slow to make it a good chase scene song. If the tempo was upped a bit, it would be great but as it is right now, it couldn't be much more than the passageway music before a boss.

Once again, entranced...

I feel like i am in the song... If snipers had bullets that inflicted moods on ppl, I just got headshot by evil.

each hit

makes me wanna twitch and move wit it man. shuper shmeet dogo!

A feeling.

I feel this feeling, when I listen to trance, your trance. It's like I'm in another world or am just thinking about and visualizing the attitude of the song. Is this what trance is?