Reviews for "The Pill"

Holy fucking YEAH!

This was great! Maybe it wasn't intended, but this really says something about how doctors will prescribe medicine based on what the pharmaceutical companies tell them about it instead of what they actually know about it. Nice. The art was well drawn, though the mouths sucked (try taking pictures of yourself pronouncing different common vowels and consenants, you can get by usually with just three frames for anything they can say). Also, subtle panning is very effective. Try throwing some of that in. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be thought out to be effective. Take something good like this, and bombard it with the typical, cliche 'movie effects' we're used to seeing, and it'll improve the quality (sadly) a lot. Also, the conciseness was appreciated!


This thing was soo weird and funny!I love it!


haha...severe anal leakage

great comercial

I feel that way about several drug ads. Some don't even say what they are for.


Very interesting, I like it, the graphic are good and the storyline is great too. Good job!