Reviews for "The Pill"

anal leakage

anal leakage is a thin version of diarrea which happens in most middle aged to elderly men. but still this is the first heartburn medication that causes anal leakage. i might try it (JK)


WTF anal leakage?

lol that was great

I really liked that, you have done better though...
Anal leakage lol...
and i do not understand how he said it was a week ago..but he also said he was in a coma for 3 weeks
What bladey said-Dumbass Dictionary (buy me)!


Hey bladey,shut up..Or learn how to speak in english before you write a review,I had to consult the Dumbass Dictionary (not sold in stores) to find out what you said.=D
Anyway this was a good movie,and people have no need to question the story of this animation
Because it was funny,and my review is over....


he said 'last week i woz coming home from a business trip' then afta he tuk the pill he said 'i waz in a coma for 3 weeks' ow the fuk cud that happen if he wasn't sucked into a parallel dimension ill bet he said that bit so he could sue them ass holes