Reviews for "[ s i t t i n g ] ("Me Bill")"

la la, la la la la, la la, la la la la laaaaa...

It's a cool song, actually it's better than cool. It's a GREAT, no it's PERFECT. Many songs require all of your attention, because they're all so "BAAAAM" energetic and stuff. If you don't like that kind of genre you'd have to go ambient, but ambient is too... slow and stuff. I don't really know how to put it. :| This is just a perfect balance between like techno and ambient. :)

I agree with Slaxster about it being perfect for a FPS game trailer. I think this song is about equally as good as "Mad World", by Gary Jules. As you probably know, his song got used for the Gears of War commercial.

Anyway this is the first song I've heard from you, now I'm going to listen the other ones and hope they're equally as good. I guess you, with the above being said, you already know your rating? :P

Keep it up!

Kingbastard responds:

thanks for the review:)

Woah, Christ.

Okay. Okay. I have been sort of an avid follower of front page Newgrounds games etc, and follower of different series, and never really thought I needed an account - sure people were saying for me, that stuff was good.
Of recent I watched "Upstairs", the wee animation - one of my favourites mostly as a result of the music. So I followed all the necessary links to your Audio page.

Frankly, I near shat bricks. I have downloaded nearly ALLLLL of your tune-age here (and is on my iPod), and you and your music decided for me (after +5 years of not having an account) that I NEED an account to tell you how ACE you really are. I'll probably never use this account again! Its that crazy good!
The various tunes and songs seem real, like you had this one feeling and flicked a switch in your head that magically poofs it into musical existence. =D Ingenious.

Heck, it sounds 3,209,083% better than music on the charts. Im just finding it so physically hard to understand why you're not up there beating their asses. I really do hope you'll continue your music, cause you're doing it extreeeemely right. I'd die if you stopped. =P There. A sort of blackmail. So technically it'd be murder. =DD

Havent read the "Guidelines for Posting Reviews", but Im sure its fine.
Be PROUD as HELL with your music. =7

Kingbastard responds:

Hey, thanks, always nice to receive positive msgs like this one.
I'm always writing new stuff, but I don't post all of it on here, so check out my myspaces if you want to hear other bits n pieces.
Thanks again, keep on listening:)



I seriously thought this song was from a professional album when I first heard it. It's kind of other-worldly and it fits really well with the animation, kinda makes you feel sad and lonely. Props for the awesome music!

Kingbastard responds:



This song makes you think...what about? Im sure that varies from person to person.....but if they seen your vid? Im sure it takes them back to a time and place of the same situation (of course without the whole butcher thing ^-^) and to me personaly the more I can look back on something like that and see what choices I made kinda makes me feel like a better person. Thanks for teh song and Vid ^-^

Kingbastard responds:

:) thanks for the comment


This is an awesome song; out of all the other songs I have downloaded, this one seems to bring out true emotion. This is the type of song that you could listen to regardless of your mood or feelings. It has almost become a requirement for me to listen to this song at least twice a day..xD. I believe this song would go great with a game trailer, it's tone is perfect for creating a sense of isolation and emptiness for some FPS survival game. Thank You for such a unique song! 5/5; 10/10.

Kingbastard responds:

I often take this song twice a day with my valium:P Thanks for a great review.