Reviews for "Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)"

I gotta give props.

I'm one of the few people I know who can sit back and really appreciate the effort that goes into creating pieces of work. Most don't understand the level of complexity in these types of works often are greatly restrained by the limitations of the machines (back then). The fact that this sounds as full as it does with just 3 sound channels is a credit to your composition skills. Great job.

Hey hey guess what it is in fact crafty

I've worked with an 8-bit tracker before (Famitracker, anyone?) and I've never been able to produce anything this neat. The tracks all complement each other well, and it has that daringly adventurous tone you'd expect from old pixelmesses. Excellent work, Dr. Crafty!

Reminds me of old games!

That means I love it by the way. A nice catchy tune! Sounds like it was out of an old game even though it's an original tune!

brings memories back !

ill get the snes out !


i really love 8-bit stuff and this is just the bomb man it rocks it has a little bit of a loop to it but it really is awesome!