Reviews for "Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)"


This sounds great man!


i can see why this won top 5

excellent job

what instument are you using, i assume you use FL

NickPerrin responds:

The music channels are done with Magical 8-bit Plugin, just tweaking the parts here and there for different sounds. The plugin is free online.
The drums are done with Toad nes drums v1.3 , which can be found for free as well.
All the sequencing was done in Logic Audio.
Thanks for the review!

Go Megaman!

As a Megaman fan this song reminds me of Megaman 2 through 4. Awesome work!

DUDE !!! ...

whoa this like blew my mind for 8 bit u did alot of variety where most actuall 8 bit tracks fail and just loop, i mean urs does loop but not much compared to NES games. defenitly amazing i give 10/10 wish i could do 20/20 lol you would definitly get it from me (^-^) seriously i really hope you come out with some more 8 bit tracks like this cause this one is amazing makes me wish this was in a megaman game lol.

Megaman music maybe?

This song is that awexome. I would pretty much imagine the first eight or nine seconds as the Dr. Wily (That's his name, at least in the US. Is it different where you're from?) castle map theme, and then the rest as a Dr. Wily stage theme.

NickPerrin responds:

Hey! I'm Canadian. And it's Dr. Wily throughout all of North America. Exactly right - the first part of the track is the castle map theme, and the rest is the stage music. That was the concept in mind when I was creating this track, as if I was making the music for an 8-bit Megaman game. I just called it Dr. Crafty's Castle because it's my own take on a Wily-esque style, but not actually based on any pre-existing chiptune.

Thanks for the review!