Reviews for "Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)"

Gunstar heroes?

That make me want to see a game where the hero has a gun that shoots shurikens (aka ninja stars) and I could easily see this as the games theme music. Good job. It's hard to beleive that you could make a song like this using only the 3 note guidelines.

if i had to put it in a nes game....

id put it in gunstar heroes. its not really medival enough for a zelda game, to castle like for a metroid game, and i can only imagine my characer doing shooting and platforming with this song, and gunstar heroes meets all of those criteria.

actual evaluation: i loved it.

ha realy cool

ha ha havn't heard anything that musicaly detailed in that sort of "SNES" style of toon


NES style, it's really cool.

NES huh?

Well let me tell you two things: Even though it's following the NES guidelines, its very long for an 8-bit song; and I have never heard a more complex sounding song on a NES, GB, or any 8-bit platform ever. Great job!!!

10/10 (incase you missed the big yellow number at the top :D)