Reviews for "Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)"

man this takes me back...

sounds like all those old games i used to play on my SNES.nice job dude.


Totally reminds me of some Bionic Commando, Jackal, or Metal Gear. Guardian Legend, Metroid, Ikari Warriors, Mega Man, and so many more. Love it.

A highly enjoyable piece that takes me back

I really liked this piece, even though it is original it feels like it would nicely fit in with an actual Megaman game. The fact that you didn't just make it sound like an NES piece, but actually strictly followed the rules of NES music really speaks to your attention to detail and authenticity. Nice job man, I hope to hear more from you in the future! Best of luck!


this is really cool and i would put in any Zelda, Mario, Or Mega <an game

nice song

the mix was very nice
but i didn't like it very much
some parts were strange, and the rhythm changed too much from one part to another, maybe was a little bit exagerated... but was kind of nice