Reviews for "Dr. Crafty's Castle (8-bit)"

Nostalgic in a way...

This sounds like a wicked intense final boss battle theme straight out of an '80s platformer. Fantastic work!

pretty wicked dude.

im making my own 8bit songs. some for a game my friend is making but im interested in where you got these sounds. what do you use and where did you get these sounds? i use ModTracker and i get some pretty cool results. but its not really the same as what you have here. check out some of my songs to hear what im talking about (i labled the 8bit ones omegabit)
anyways, the song. i like some of the cool rhythms and harmonies you have going but i think you could have a little more variation in the repeating of verses and stuff. i like what you were doing with percussion, it sounds a lot more videogame than what i've come up with. so all in all, great song but be careful about the parts that are repetitive and droning with the same thing over again. its videogame but you can have changes within the riff.


NickPerrin responds:

As for 8bit sounds, the music/wave channels are done with Magical 8-bit Plugin, just tweaking the parts here and there for different sounds. The plugin is free online.
The drums are done with Toad NES drums v1.3 , which can be found for free as well!

Thanks for the great review, I will keep that stuff in mind for the next one! Cheers!

ha ha ha

I have never played 8-bit but this is cool

Well Done

Creative and Well made. I am a bit of a fan of 8-Bits. Though this isn't my style, it is really great, and authentic concidering that you followed technical specs. Too bad Nintendo could never make music this good for their games.

Well anyway, quite frankly the best Bittage i have ever heard. Plus its good, original, and of course; realistic.

You earned your score.



I love this. this is probably the best chiptune i've heard, (well, some of the classics are good, but not nearly as technically proficient. This sounds very good, and would fit right in "Dr. crafty's castle." Great job. Please make some more!!!!!