Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


wow im blown away by your art and creativity,but i reconize your style... did you make "smoke kills" and that other one about suicide? hmm i kinda reconize those names to but im to lazy to go check, anyways great job on the flash, and congrats on the reward, glad it shows people what they voted low on for no good reason, thumbs up and cant wait for more form your "new"(?) studio.

A rare gem that is seldom seen on a site like this

It's a sad day when something like "Mr. Happy Face" can wind up with a 3.66 and a true artsy, well-crafted, all around quality peace can be doomed to obscurity based upon a swarming mass of blood-crzed prehubescent "pr0n" lovers (That, of course, is a slight exaggeration...).

Graphics: Where to begin? The animation was exceptionally smooth and crisp. Incidently, I loved the animation on your flash group's name. :)
The drawing was admirable, not only detailed but very well-done. Most people who attempt to put many details into a character end up lacking on quality and smooth transactions between frames. And there's a lot of varied style, from the glass to the ways you screen out to different scenes and environments. It almost played like a movie (especially with the opening credits, very well done). Some of the effects were very well done, the way the blood splattered like a vice across the street when the glasses fell; superb. Another flawless attempt at lighting as well. From when the drunkard is laying sprawled on the couch and the shadows play across the ceiling, to the bus playing it's mirror image
The lining of the faces was pretty nice too, and the eyes and facial images were surprisingly expressive. Good job on everything in this subject.

Style: This is where the movie truly shines through. It's very refreshing to see a serious flash movie in the days overcome with mindless killing and soft-core anime girls rampaging through every second flash released. The message was very blunt and obvious but amazingly well played upon. And the plot was fairly deep. The script was a little off but that's too be expected of a translation.

Sound: Very nice choices in music. The sound effects really matched the movie well.

Interactivity: Not a factor.

Humor: Not a factor.

Violence: Short but unimportant to the film.

Very good, overall. Well done.


That's art... It's more than just a flash animation. I'm happy to see that the score on your movie is going up, it deserves a high mark. Congrats on creating an awesome influential and moving movie!


One of the Flashes on Newgrounds which truly deserves a five.


What can i say? but perfect