Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


This movie deserves a lot more credit than it has received. It is the most confusing movie i've ever seen. It also has perhaps the best animation in flash history.

The only reason this doesn't have a 4.25 is because some idiots voted 0 because it's your first flash on ng.


This was just amazing, tour de force of wowington!

and, BaconTaco, you are the stupidest shit head ever to walk the earth, it's people like you, people..like....you........................


I'm lost for words. Just...amazing :D


WOW! I must say that is one of the best flash I've seen on NewGrounds. Even if you do just use stickfigures you have done an exelent job on creating the mood for your movie. I hope you do more maybe dig into some story.


As a native speaker of russian myself, I totally understood. This animation really really made me think about things I should do to help the world. This needs to be shown to everyone. Perhaps then they will help others?

Anyway, beautifully composed, absolutely genious. Possibly the best I have ever seen, and will see for a long time.

Very inspiring.