Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


this was amazing........I love seeing violence on newgrounds....or humor....but this was amazing!
One part of me was hoping that he would like,kill himself in the end or something...another part of me is,this movvie deserves 5/5 because of it's message.
I'm glad I chose the right one.....maybe this flash helped me with that.....great flash.
If this isn't already on the front page....it will be.
What language was that?
and why did you choose to do it in that language when you know english?

Abolutely Brilliant Masterpiece!

I am glad the review crew caught this little gem of a flash movie, Otherwise I would not have had the priveledge to view it. The last reviewer, fuckutootbook, took the words right out of my mouth.

This flash is exceptionally under-rated. We need more artsy movies like yours, and this one was quite touching. It makes you think about how little insignificant opportunities can pass you by and have an adverse effect on the world.


That was good.

I am actually Russian too, so i could listen to it and not read.

Awesome, nice animation.

And ofcoruse very good storyline.


Something that isn't whinging and complaining. Brilliant! Great work I really hope to see more!

LOL...dude looked like bruce willis.

Aaaaaw, makes me think i should go help someone...maybe later though, im not done watching TV yet. But man, i hope i can look as happy as all those people in the end of this flash, the main character looked REALLY REALLY happy...a bit TOO happy if i don't say so myself...and i do.