Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


that was amazing please do more


Really makes you think. Great work.

this seriously should be in the top ten

graphics:10 excellent quality
sound:10 even though it was in russian it adds to the effect
interactivity:2 im not sure what the switch to large/small button does
style:10 completely original very well done
violence:2 there was blood but your not really happy when you see it
humour:1 its not funny seeing as it wasnt supposed to be


Amazingly powerful... You couldn't improve on that if you tried.


Simply Amazing...

This was an unbelievable flash animation. Some flash authors choose to go for pure entertainment, which I love, but it's also great to see authors who take the time to put together a message. If every artist and author were to put as much thought and care into their movies, I think the messages would be as common as violence in the human mind. You have a great talent, and it seems you have good morals too. Keep up the great work in flash. I know you've made a difference with this, because everyone I've sent it to has had a wordless reaction.. I give this 5/5, and I don't normally give fives or tell authors what I give them. I look forward to viewing more of your submissions.