Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


Incredibly moving and very well done, although subtitles bothered me at first, i quickly got over. congrats on a wonderful flash man.

A must see

As we all know, there are alot of horrible submissions made to this site. There are also alot of very good ones.....and even more that fit somewhere between the two. But every once in a while you come across a flash that is extra special...........this is one of those. The graffics were top notch, but more importantly, the message was excellent. Great job.

why isint this in the top 50???

this movie is so under rated it defnatly desvrve to be


This is the kind of flash that is so hard to find on this site, something that actually has some meaning behind it. I really hope you can make more soon. Definetly going on my favorites list.


This flash cartoon really makes you think. I felt the same way, opportunity comes and all I do is ignore it, I should try my hardest to take those chances, but anyway this a great flash with a great message hope everyone takes word to this.