Reviews for "What Can Be Changed"


Incredible. Brilliant. This movie really got me thinking. It has a very important message in it. Why hesitate to help a blind man over the street?
Or pay the ticket? A great movie, thats what this is.



Justin Fink is gay!!!

Great work, thanks for replying to my email too :) (justinfink666 @ hotmail . com)


This is still underrated, although at least it's now getting the attention it rightfully warrants.

I remember protecting it when it was under judgment. I thought 'Hell yeah, this is going to win today's Daily Feature for sure!'

My vote of 5 raised the score to 2.96

I could not believe that such a brilliant piece of flash was doing so badly.

Throughout the week, I checked up on it. It had a green score, which means decent, but it deserved much more, so I voted 5 on it every day, and each day it made a difference (very few votes, remember?).

Then, I realised it had a review score of 9.52, and I was just praying that it would at least get the Review Crew Pick.

And then, when I saw it there, with 'Review Crew Pick' written above it, I almost cried with joy.

Slowly but surely, 3.33 turned into 4.13

And it will get higher.

A flash of what we think but hardly talk about...

We all feel sometimes the need to change our lives... there are ones make it, and ones who keep waiting for something to do it. But, with no effort, nothing comes. It doesn't matter what you exactly do; It doesn't matter if you do it perfectly. But do something. Great movie.